Senior Pre-School

This time of the children’s development is a very exciting time. The natural curiosity of the world around them we believe helps motivate them to learn. The staff help the children discover the world around them by allowing them to explore activities through their own interests in all areas of Social, Emotional, Cognitive, language, Gross and Fine Motor development.

Senior Pre-School Room

To help encourage the natural curiosity of children we provide a programme that is based on the ELECT (Early Learning for Every Child Today) document, and a i:Emergent” style of learning.

Following requirements of the Quality Assurance Assessment Criteria, plans are developed based on the childen’s interests, rather than all teacher directed learning. Staff are required to document at least one observation per week and reference with the ELECT document, Programme plans are then developed based on these observations. Parents are welcome to view these observations at any time. This is done in all areas of learning. Staff have noticed that with the implementation of this type of program the children have been much more interested and involved in what they’re doing, since it reflects their interests.

Within the “Emergent” style of learning the teachers continue to help the children in all areas by:

Helping to guide their development of independence through play and self-help skills.

Senior Pre-School Room

Encouraging and assisting in the development of their listening skills, along with sharing and taking turns with their peers. Currently this has been included in circle time, as well as during the children’s programme play.

Continuing their development of language and social skills.

Encouraging and enhancing the children’s cognitive and social development through their interests, and knowledge. The children have been interested in dramatic Play, sensory exploration (playdoh, waterplay etc.), and painting activities.

Currently the children’s “Big Play Ideas” are building with lego blocks, train tracks with trains, and using a variety of vehicles on road mats. We enjoy being a part of your child’s development and in the end we strive for each child to feel unique, special, and to have a feeling of acceptance within themselves.