COVID-19 Update

We have re-opened the daycare facility with limited capacity. We are following all mandated federal, provincial and municipal public health directives and recommendations. If you wish to discuss the return of your child(ren) to our facility, please contact us to discuss.
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Our annual general meeting will be held on Thursday 5th November at 7PM on ZOOM. A registration link can be found in our calendar on the front page.

School Age Program

Emergent Curriculum

Emergent curriculum within our school age program is developed from exploring what is relevant, interesting and personally meaningful to the children. The learning experiences provided are based on the children’s interests and needs. Learning experiences that support the children’s physical, social and emotional development are provided daily. The children choose which experiences they will be involved in.

Learning Opportunities

Learning opportunities are created through observation and documentation of the children in different learning environments and through peer interactions

Examples of various learning opportunities are;

  • Creative Art (Building 3D Structure, Painting Nature Pictures, Drawing animal)
  • Cognitive (puzzles, board games, writing, etc.)
  • Sensory Exploration (Coloured Ice, shaving cream, sand with water & animal)
  • Language & Literacy (Puzzle books, Archie comic books)
  • Cooking (Baking cookies, cupcakes and decorate with icing/sprinkles)
  • Technology (computer)
  • Blocks & Building (Lego, bamboo builders, play sticks)
  • Science (maturing length& weigh, Magnets in water)
  • Dramatic Play (Pizza Store setting, Grocery store setting & Bake shop setting)
  • Gross motor (indoor and outdoor active play)
  • Music (Salsa Cd- Dancing to the tune)


Our program is developed based on the observations of the children’s group/individual play and explorations. We as a team, document on a regular basis what transpires in the classroom and offer new learning opportunities for the children. Our goal is to continue to transform the program weekly based on their interests and their ideas. The program plans along with the documentation are posted in the classroom.


The Schoolage staff are also very aware of the increasing amount of homework that many of the children face, which is why homework is offered, giving them the opportunity to finish work before going home. The staff is always there to offer one-on-one assistance to children who require it and try to ensure that the students remain focused and distraction-free. Upon completion of homework, children are offered the choice of joining the other learning opportunities in their rooms.

We invite parents of our school age children to share and communicate with staff on regular basis regarding progress/development of their child’s growth and any concerns you may have.