COVID-19 Update

We have re-opened the daycare facility with limited capacity. We are following all mandated federal, provincial and municipal public health directives and recommendations. If you wish to discuss the return of your child(ren) to our facility, please contact us to discuss.
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Our annual general meeting will be held on Thursday 5th November at 7PM on ZOOM. A registration link can be found in our calendar on the front page.

Full Day Kindergarten

The before and after FDK program focuses on the children’s changing interest throughout the children’s entire day of learning. When learning is co-constructed through the ideas and interest of the children they are more likely to become engaged and take ownership of their learning.

The Child Care teachers are working alongside the School teachers to create a seamless day by providing learning opportunities that reflect the children’s interest. Our focus is on creating an emergent curriculum that captures the creativity of each child and their individual learning style. Together we are providing exploration
opportunities through:

  • Sensory
  • Dramatic play
  • Creative
  • Music / Movement
  • Cognitive/ Logical / Mathematical
  • Active play Indoors and/or outdoors
  • Language / Literacy
  • Construction/Blocks
  • Science
  • Computer

The FDK rooms learning starts right from the snack tables where, they sit in a family like setting engaging in conversation with one another. They discuss their day, what they did and what they ate right down to the texture, taste, colour and smell of the food. As the children engage with each other they start to identify where their own learning is taking place. These conversations are enhancing their social skills, co-operation, listening to others with attention and expanding their vocabulary by using new words in French, English and their home language.

As the FDK program continues to grow, along with the interests of the children, through observation, the FDK teachers continue to plan and provide learning opportunities to maximize each child’s potential and to help guide them into the next level of learning. Each child has an individual portfolio where teachers record observations based on the ELECT document. Parents are welcome to request to look at their child’s portfolio at any time.