COVID-19 Update

We have re-opened the daycare facility with limited capacity. We are following all mandated federal, provincial and municipal public health directives and recommendations. If you wish to discuss the return of your child(ren) to our facility, please contact us to discuss.
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Our annual general meeting will be held on Thursday 5th November at 7PM on ZOOM. A registration link can be found in our calendar on the front page.

Our Programs
Cliffwood Community Childcare Centre offers quality child care for children ages 2½ to 12 years.
Cliffwood has ..... Both RECE trained teachers and experienced teaching assistants. Stimulating and fun educational programmes for children aged 2½ to 12 years. Special programming and trips during the summer months. Cheerful, warm, caring and safe environment.
Toddler Program
As of January 2019 we have implemented a new toddler program and this now allows us to enroll children from 18 months of age to 30 months of age in our new toddler room.
To help encourage the natural curiosity of children we provide a programme that is based on the ELECT (Early Learning for Every Child Today) document, and an emergent style of learning.
Pre-School Program
Full Day Kindergarten
The before and after FDK program focuses on the children’s changing interest throughout the children’s entire day of learning.
Emergent curriculum within our school age program is developed from exploring what is relevant, interesting and personally meaningful to the children.
School Age